Experience with the AMRcloud online platform for antimicrobial resistance surveillance in zoonotic bacteria

Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2020; 22(1):53-59

Original Article


To develop an approach to comprehensive analysis and presentation of data on antibiotic resistance of zoonotic bacteria to minimize antibiotic resistance in the medical and veterinary fields using the AMRcloud platform.

Materials and Methods.

Isolates of E. coli, Salmonella spp., Enterococcus spp. and Campylobacter spp. were taken from farm animals, food and feed. AST was performed by broth microdilution method. Genes of resistance were detected by whole-genome sequencing or PCR. Data analysis and visualization was made using AMRcloud online platform.


During veterinary monitoring from 2017 to 2019 resistance to ~50 antimicrobial agents was determined of totally 854 isolates of 11 bacterial species taken from more than 20 types of samples from 6 animal species in 22 regions of Russia. Genes of resistance were determined for 126 isolates. Data is presented in open access VGNKI project on AMRcloud online platform: https://amrcloud.net/en/project/vgnki/.


The use of AMRcloud allowed us to complete all tasks of the project in short time. The platform takes methodology of data analysis to a fundamentally new level comparing to traditional tools and increases the efficiency of monitoring for controlling spread of AMR.

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