Prognostic rules for invasive candidiasis risk assessment in ICU patients

Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2017; 19(4):296-302

Journal article


nvasive candidiasis is an extremely important problem for severe patients in intensive care units. The high rates of attributive mortality are associated not only with the severity of the patient’s condition, but also with a delayed therapy due to not always available or not validated early diagnostic tests, limitations of conventional microbiological studies, and a non-specific clinical picture which prevent clinicians from suspecting a systemic Candida infection. The development of prognostic rules to identify patients with high or low invasive candidiasis risk based on microbiological and/or clinical characteristics seems to be the most available approach which has been confirmed in the prospective studies. This article describes the common prognostic rules and discusses the possible options of their implementation in clinical practice.

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