Resultst of the Multicentre study of Nasopharyngeal Isolates of Haemophilus influenzae from Healthy Children in Day-Care Centers

Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2002; 4(1):33-41

Journal article


The rates of nasopharyngeal carriage of Haemophilus influenzae and epidemiology of its antimicrobial resistance in healthy children from day-care centers have been investigated. The overall rate of nasopharyngeal H.influenzae carriage was 44%. The susceptibility testing was performed by E-tests. The resistance rates (including intermediately resistant strains) was: 2,1% to ampicillin, 0,6% to amoxycillin/clavulanate, 0,6% to cefaclor, 18,7 to clarithromycin (only intermediate resistance), 20,9% to trymethoprim/sulphamethoxazole. The antimicrobial resistance profiles varied in different centers. The clinical use of trimethoprim/sulphamethoxazole in respiratory tract infections should be restricted because of the high resistance of H.influenzae to this antimicrobial.

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