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Antimicrobial drug consumption in the Russian Federation (2008–2022): pharmacoepidemiological study

Objective. To assess the dynamics of antimicrobial drug consumption in the Russian Federation. Materials and Methods. Data on antimicrobials for systemic use (ATC class J01) sales for the period 2008–2022 in the hospital and outpatient segment were downloaded from the IQVIA database. The absolute quantities of purchased antimicrobials were transferred to the defined daily doses (DDD) separately for the outpatient and hospital segments for each year of observation. Results. Over the period 2008-2022 there was an increase in antimicrobials consumption from 9.

Integrated analysis of antibiotic consumption in the hospital segment of Saint-Petersburg in 2014–2018

Objective. To estimate composite indicators of systemic antibiotic consumption in the hospital segment of Saint-Petersburg in 2014–2018. Materials and Methods. Information on the volume and structure of AMP consumption in the hospital segment of St. Petersburg in 2014–2018 was obtained from AlfaRm Databases. The amount of purchased AMP was recalculated in the number of average daily maintenance doses (Defined Daily Dose, DDDs), as well as DDDs per 100 bed-days (DDDh) for each international nonproprietary name of AMP.

Paediatricians Approach to Prescribing of Systemic Antimicrobials in Outpatient Children with Upper Respiratory Tract and ENT Infections: Data from Multicenter Survey

Objective. Objectives. The study aimed to assess paediatricians knowledge of etiology and approach to systemic antimicrobials (АМ) use in outpatient children with acute respiratory tract infections. Materials and Methods. A questionnaire survey of primary care paediatricians from 17 cities of Russian Federation was performed in 2011–2013 in compliance with the unified methodology. Results. A total of 701 paediatricians (mean age 46,3±10,7, 61,5% with work experience >15 years) took part in the survey.

Analysis of Antibiotic Usage in Children Living in Orphanages During the 2003–2004 and 2009–2010

Analysis of antibiotic usage in children living in orphanages was performed during two time-periods: 2003–2004 and 2009–2010 with the aim to reveal key problems of antibiotic usage in this population, and to develop measures for improvement. It was …

Systemic Antimicrobials Consumption and Expenditures in Multi-Profile Hospitals in Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus: the Results of Multicenter Pharmacoepidemiological Trial

To assess systemic antimicrobials (AM) consumption and expenditures in multi-profile hospitals in different regions of Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus in 2009–2010 retrospective collection of data from hospital receipts notes was …

Approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Male Urethritis: Results of Multicenter Observational Study

Objective. Objectives. To determine the diagnostic and treatment patterns for acute male urethritis (AMU) in Russia. Materials and Methods. Retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted during 2009 in 4 cities of Russia: Kaluga, Pskov, Smolensk and Tula. Data on diagnostic and treatment approaches for AMU subjects ≥16 years old were collected and analyzed using specially designed case report forms. Results. 556 cases of AMU were analyzed during study period. The average age of patients was 29 years (16–68 years).

Diagnosis and Management of Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Russia: Results of Multicenter Pharmacoepidemiological Study

Objective. Objectives: We aimed to reveal the current practice of diagnosis and management of bacterial sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in different regions of Russia and to compare it with the current national guidelines. Materials and Methods. A multicenter retrospective study was conducted in 10 different cities of Russia. Randomly selected clinical records of 1250 adult patients (61% male, 39% female, mean age 28.8±9.2) treated for early syphilis (n=341), uncomplicated gonococcal (n=309), chlamydial (n=310), mycoplasma (n=137) and ureaplasma (n=153) infection during the period since January 2007 till December 2007 were analyzed.

Analysis of Anti-Infective Therapy in Pregnant Women in Primorskiy Region

Results of retrospective pharmacoepidemiological study in Far East region of Russia within 2004–2008 are presented. 1119 cases of antibacterials administration during the first trimester of pregnancy from 554 medical records were analyzed. Results of …

Analysis of Antifungal Agents Consumption in Large Clinic

Retrospective study of antifungal consumption in 1029-bed hospital during the 2004–2006 was performed. Defined daily dose (DDD) per 100 bed-days was calculated to determine consumption of antifungal agents. ABC analysis was used to determine …

Analysis of Outpatient Use of Systemic Antimicrobials in Different Regions of Russia

The objective of the study was to evaluate the outpatient use of systemic antimicrobials in different regions of Russia. Data on the use of antimicrobials in 24 regions of Russia during year 2004 were collected according to the audit of …