Administration of Antimicrobials into Respiratory Tract: Methods to Improve Efficacy in the Treatment of Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia

Клиническая Микробиология и Антимикробная Химиотерапия. 2014; 16(3):185-194

Journal article


Despite the availability of substantial theoretical benefits, the method of antibacterial administration via the respiratory tract to treat acute pneumonia has yet to be widely implemented in clinical practice. The introduction of the method is restricted both by deficit of reliable clinical data to prove the effectiveness of such therapy, and by doubts as for efficacy of antibiotic delivery into the focus of pulmonary infection. The article presents a review of methods for enhancement of antibacterial therapy when administered via respiratory pathways. In particular, use of exogenous pulmonary surfactant as a promising agent for delivery of intratracheally administered antibiotics is discussed.

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