Patient Compliance with Antimicrobial Therapy of Lower Respiratory Tract Infections

Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2008; 10(1):15-23

Journal article


Methods to improve patient compliance with treatment are rarely used by physicians in their practice. It may be in part because of the lack of adequate information on this issue. This paper reviews adherence of the patients with respiratory tract infections to antimicrobial therapy. Analysis of currently available compliance assessment methods and common errors related to patient noncompliance with antimicorbial regimens was performed. The factors having effect on compliance and methods for improving patient compliance with the treatment recommendations are considered. The most effective methods for improving compliance are reduced dosing frequency and short-term courses of antimicrobial therapy. Given this, focus on new oral formulation of azithromycin (higher dose strength and extended release) is made. This oral form of azithromycin makes it possible to provide singledose treatment and achieve 100% compliance with the treatment.

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