Problems of Epidemiological Studies of Nosocomial Infections in Russia | CMAC

Problems of Epidemiological Studies of Nosocomial Infections in Russia

Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2008; 10(1):4-14

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Nowadays nosocomial infections (NI) remain one of the crucial problems in public health service all over the world. Though antiepidemic actions, the prevalence, mortality rates and NI therapy costs continue to increase. According to the data of international studies and national recommendations routine NI monitoring with pathogens and antimicrobials resistance profile observation promotes decrease in NI incidence and microbial resistance rates. The other important problem leading to nosocomial pathogens spread and NI incidence growth is qualitative infection control programs insufficient use. Results of analytical study on NI incidence conducted as part of «Multicenter analytical study on investigating medical professionals’ and patients’ perception about infection control in various wards of multidisciplinary hospitals in Russian Federation (MIX-07)» and included data from 33 centers (hospitals) from 24 Russian cities with approaches to improve NI registration quality and up to date approaches to NI prevention and monitoring are presented in this article.

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