Molecular Genetic Characteristics and Epidemiological Significance of Listeria monocytogenes Isolated from Pregnant Women and Aborted Fetuses in the Far East Region of Russia

Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2007; 9(1):81-89

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L. monocytogenes strains isolated from aborted fetuses (n=13) and pregnant women (n=4) in the Far East region of Russia were studied. Of 17 tested strains, 11 were serovar 4b, 5 – serovar 1/2a and 1 – serovar 1/2b. Based on the sequence of inlA, inlB and prs genes all these isolates were divided into 2 non-overlapping groups that correspond to the known phylogenic lines. L. monocytogenes isolates belonging to the second phylogenic line were genetically homogenous on these 3 genes. All the first phylogenic line strains isolated from aborted fetuses had similar allele of the fragment encoding LRR domen of inlA gene; however they carried different inlB and prs genes. The first phylogenic line L. monocytogenes isolated from the pregnant women with no symptoms of listeriosis carried different alleles of inlA gene that encode the protein with amino acid substitutes.

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