Genus Leuconostoc: Clinical Significance, Identification, Susceptibility to Antimicrobials

Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2001; 3(1):48-53

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In many cases vancomycin is a drug of choice for the treatment of serious gram-positive infections and what is more important vancomycin is often the only antimicrobial agent that active against multiresistant strains. In this connection the correct identification of intrinsically vancomycin-resistant bacteria that quite uncommon in clinical practice, in particular Leuconostoc spp., is important. Prompt identification of this bacterium will lead not only to administration of adequate antibiotic therapy but also to avoid the mistaken reports about vancomycin resistance in streptococci, enterococci and other streptococcus-like bacteria. Approaches to identification of Leuconostoc are presented. One case of Leuconostoc bacteremia is described.

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