Awareness of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy in Fifth and Sixth Year Medical Students

This paper presents results of the study aimed to evaluate level of knowledge on antibacterial therapy and empiric use of antimicrobial agents in the treatment of respiratory infections in medical students. A total of 197 fifth and sixth year medical …

Level of Knowledge of Medical Specialists on the Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Endocarditis in Russia

Objective. To reveal the level of knowledge of medical specialists on the diagnostics and treatment of infective endocarditis (IE). Materials and Methods. Multicenter interviewing of the medical specialists about IE etiology, diagnostics and treatment was conducted during 2012–2013 in 15 cities of different regions of Russia. Results. Overall 530 medical specialists were interviewed. On the question concerning the choice of echocardiographic study only 59,4% of respondents have marked transesophageal route.