Official statements of the board of experts on the use of topical thiamphenicol in patients with communityacquired respiratory infections

Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2021; 23(2):195-196

Expert opinion


Currently, there is a steady growth antimicrobial resistance (AMP) worldwide. This is especially true now when antibiotic use has become uncontrolled due to its use in COVID-19 treatment regimens. Antibiotics do not have antiviral effect, their appointment is justified only with complicated forms of COVID-19. Moreover, such a massive use antibiotics creates the prerequisites for the formation antibiotic resistance, including among the causative agents of community-acquired infections. Due to the relentless the growth of antibiotic resistance of community-acquired pathogens of respiratory diseases, it becomes necessary to revise approaches to antibacterial therapy (ABT) and assessing the potential use of thiamphenicol for the treatment of community-acquired infections caused by respiratory pathogens.

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