A New Natural Antiseptic «Galenophyllipt» for the Treatment of Staphylococcal Skin-Muscle Wound Infection in White Mice

Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2010; 12(2):170-176

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Galenophyllipt is a new natural antiseptic for oral administration and topical use that is similar to commercially available medicinal product Chlorophyllipt. The both products are promising agents for clinical use because of their low toxicity and high antimicrobial activity. This paper describes a comparative study of these products in terms of their in vitro activity against reference strains and on in vivo model of staphylococcal skin-muscle wound infection in white mice. Results of this study showed that the both products have comparable in vitro activity and antimicrobial spectrum. Topical application of Chlorophyllipt and Galenophyllipt resulted in a more rapid microbial decontamination of deep wound layers and delimitation of inflammatory site with granulation tissue compared to control animals (without treatment). The dynamics of these changes was more significant, and macrophage reaction was stimulated earlier with the use of Galenophyllipt compared to Chlorophyllipt. Results of this study became a basic part of marketing authorization approval for Galenophyllipt drug product.

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