Asthma associated with Chlamydophila pneumoniae-infection

Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2007; 9(3):233-243

Journal article


The present open-label, randomized, comparative study of efficacy of 8-week Azithromycin therapy in mildto-moderate stable asthma included 71 patients. After evaluation for C. pneumoniae infection by serologic tests, patients where randomized into 4 groups (2 treatment [seronegative and seropositive] or 2 control groups [seronegative and seropositive]). Day and night symptoms, morning PEFR, FEV1, rescue medication use measured pre-, post-therapy and at 4- and 16-week follow up. Treatment resulted in a significant improvement in FEV1 and PEFR, but only in the seropositive subjects. There were differences, but not significant, in rescue medication use day and night symptoms dynamics in both treatment groups. We concluded that mild asthma, associated with chronic C. pneumoniae infection less is commonly than moderate asthma and that macrolides are useful in the treatment of asthma but only in those subjects who are infected with C. pneumoniae.

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