Detection of mcr-1-mediated resistance to polymyxins in Enterobacterales using colistin disk chelator application

Objective. To evaluate the possibility of using the colistin disk chelator application (CDCA) method as simple and available screening tool for detection of mcr-1-mediated resistance to polymyxins in Enterobacterales. Materials and Methods. A total of 47 colistin-resistant Enterobacterales isolates obtained in 2014–2020 within multicenter MARATHON study were included in the experiment. Colistin susceptibility testing was performed using Mueller–Hinton broth microdilution method according to ISO 20776-1:2006. Interpretation of the results was performed according to EUCAST v.

Polymyxins – New Approaches to the Old Antimicrobials

Spread of multiresistant bacteria makes us to reconsider our attitude to some well-known old antimicrobials, including polymyxins – a class of polypeptide antibiotics that are active against many multiresistant gram-negative nosocomial pathogens – …