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P putida BS3701

Analysis of the genes encoding the MBL-fold metallohydrolase superfamily proteins of the Pseudomonas putida BS3701 petroleum component-degrading strain

Objective. To determine whether the genes whose products are annotated as «MBL-fold metallohydrolase superfamily» are related to the proteins of the metallo-β-lactamase group. Materials and Methods. Sequences of the 7 genes annotated as «MBL-fold metallohydrolase superfamily» were analyzed using the following resources: ClustalW, IQ-TREE, iTOL. Selection of the oligonucleotides for real-time PCR was performed using the Primer-BLAST resource. The level of gene expression was assessed using real-time PCR. MIC and MBC measuring was performed using cefepime and meropenem.