Mutations in the cytomegalovirus UL97 gene associated with ganciclovir resistance in recipients of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplants

Objective. To identify mutations in UL97 gene associated with antiviral drug resistance in recipients of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cells transplants (allo-HSCT). Materials and Methods. A total of 9 HCMV DNA samples were studied. These samples were received from the blood of 8 allo-HSCT recipients who were infected with HCMV and undergoing treatment at NMRC of Hematology (Russia) over the period of 2016 to 2017. Sanger sequencing was used to find mutations.

Whole genome sequencing of Mycoplasma hominis strains resistant to ciprofloxacin

In order to determine molecular mechanisms of resistance to ciprofloxacin, clinical isolates of Mycoplasma hominis (2 strains) obtained from women with pelvic inflammatory disease were investigated. Whole genome sequencing was performed using a …

Evaluation of Prevalence of Classical Fluoroquinolone Resistance Mechanisms in Chlamydia trachomatis Due to Mutations in the Topoisomerase Genes

Until now, mutational resistance to fluoroquinolones (FQs) that represent a second-line treatment option for chlamydial infections after macrolides and tetrxacyclines has not been described in clinical isolates of C. trachomatis. However, a …