A modern approach to timeandmotion study of microbiological laboratory workplaces

Objective. To analyze the structure and magnitude of the labor costs of various categories of personnel of the microbiological laboratory in their workplaces in order to standardize labor and calculate the labor intensity of the studies performed. Materials and Methods. The assessment of the labor costs of the personnel of the microbiological laboratory was carried out by time-and-motion study in the workplaces of a microbiologist (bacteriologist), a medical laboratory technician (MLT), a microbiological media preparation technician.

Carbapenems in the Multidisciplinary Hospital: Some Clinical and Economic Consequences

The changes in carbapenem consumption during 6 consecutive years have been studied in retrospective trial. 88% of carbapenems have been administered in the ICU’s and hematology department. The 3-fold increase of the total consumption during …