complicated urinary tract infections

Ceftazidimeavibactam use in children and adolescents

The increasing number of infections caused by multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria in children is a serious problem all over the world. Ceftazidim-avibactam is a promising antimicrobial drug recently approved in Russia for use in pediatric …

Complicated Community-Acquired Urinary Tract Infections in Adult Patients in Russia

Objective. Objectives. To analyze etiology and antimicrobial resistance of pathogens causing complicated community-acquired urinary tract infections (cUTI) in adult patients in different regions of Russia. Materials and Methods. Uropathogens isolated from urine samples of patients of both gender older than 18 years of age with community-acquired UTI were collected in 21 centers of 17 cities in Russia during 2010–2011 and included in the «DARMIS» study. Results. Among the collected 518 strains isolated from adult patients 282 strains (54,4%) were isolated from urine of patients with cUTI.