Сandida glabrata

Susceptibility testing of Candida glabrata clinical strains to echinocandins using SensititreTM YeastOneTM system

Objective. To determine susceptibility of C. glabrata isolates to anidulafungin, caspofungin and micafungin using the SensititreTM YeastOneTM system. Materials and Methods. C. glabrata isolates were taken prospectively from clinical specimens or from strains collections in the participating sites. Susceptibility determination was performed using SensititreTM YeastOneTM (YO10 panel) according to the manufacturer’s guidance, and results were interpreted with M27-A3 CLSI guidelines. Susceptibility of C. glabrata to fluconazole was also determined in order to assess possible correlations of echinocandins and fluconazole minimal inhibitory concentrations (MICs) in resistant strains.

Candida glabrata Resistance to Echinocandins Associated with FKS Genes Mutations: How Urgent is the Problem?

The resistance of the systemic Candida infections causative agents is a cornerstone of the selection of an effective therapy. But if before the problem was limited to resistance to azole antifungals, then by now we have enough data about cases of …