Microbiological Diagnostics

Detection of mcr-1-mediated resistance to polymyxins in Enterobacterales using colistin disk chelator application

Objective. To evaluate the possibility of using the colistin disk chelator application (CDCA) method as simple and available screening tool for detection of mcr-1-mediated resistance to polymyxins in Enterobacterales. Materials and Methods. A total of 47 colistin-resistant Enterobacterales isolates obtained in 2014–2020 within multicenter MARATHON study were included in the experiment. Colistin susceptibility testing was performed using Mueller–Hinton broth microdilution method according to ISO 20776-1:2006. Interpretation of the results was performed according to EUCAST v.

A modern approach to timeandmotion study of microbiological laboratory workplaces

Objective. To analyze the structure and magnitude of the labor costs of various categories of personnel of the microbiological laboratory in their workplaces in order to standardize labor and calculate the labor intensity of the studies performed. Materials and Methods. The assessment of the labor costs of the personnel of the microbiological laboratory was carried out by time-and-motion study in the workplaces of a microbiologist (bacteriologist), a medical laboratory technician (MLT), a microbiological media preparation technician.

Current methods of capsular typing of Streptococcus pneumoniae: possibilities and availability for local laboratories

Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines contain a limited number of serotype-specific antigens of S. pneumoniae. It is important for vaccination programmes effectiveness assessment to control a variety of circulating S. pneumoniae serotypes. This review …